First Day of School

preschool.jpg It’s a big day in the Holmes Household. Today my son, who turned 4 two days ago begins his first adventure, he starts Preschool today. He is excited, he is ready, he is stoked! My wife, not so much- “I want him to go because it will be good for him, but I don’t want to let him go because I’ll miss him.” My Mom asked her how she was handling it and she told her, not very well. To which Mom replied, “Good, if you were ready for him to go you wouldn’t be a good Mom.”

I told my wife he would be fine. He is smart, funny and good looking and for those that read yesterdays post, he did get a hair cut and it looks GOOD! So he is ready. But I am reminded of that new country song by Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter, “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” That sums up my wife. A mothers love is a powerful thing. She knows it is best for him to start school but that doesn’t over-ride her instinctive need to protect and care for him.

I think God faces that same problem day after day, He loves us so much He knows what’s best for us but it still hurts him to have to let us go. Sometimes we all do our own thing don’t we. We know God wants us to do this but either we feel we have a better idea or that God isn’t doing it fast enough. So we strike out on our own and tell God, “I got this.” But it must be hard for Him to let us do this, but His love commands He give us Free Will and Free Choice.

There is a story Jesus tells in the Bible about a Prodigal Son or the Parable of the Lost Son. You can read it here- Luke 15:11-32. Basically, a kid tells hid Dad I’m out a here, give me my inheritance now. Dad gives him his money and the son sets of to take the world by storm. Unfortuanately the world storms over him and soon he is broke and starving. The food for the pigs begins to look appetizing and he realizes what a fool he has been. The thought comes to him that his Dad’s help eats better than this so he returns home. His Dad see’s him walking up the driveway and flips out, not in anger but with elation. He tells his servents to make a feast because his son has returned home.

This is a story of God and us. We all walk away and do our own thing and then return to God when pig slop starts to look like sloppy joes. And how it must hurt God to watch us go out but the elation when we return will be incredible.

My wife will cry, she will call me and vent her sorrow and she will be miserable all day because my son will leave her, not in an act of rebellion but because it is what is best for him, but when he returns home this afternoon, my wife will throw her arms around him and the tears of sadness will be tears of joy, the sorrow will become gladness, and her misery will become a memory as she scoops him up and he talks about how his day was so awesome and how he played and did this and that.

If an earthly mom can have so much love for her son, how much more love does our Heavenly Father have for us?

Remember- God loves you enough to let you fail and He loves you enough to accept you back with open arms, every time.


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