How Soon It is Over

    012308_heath_ledger.jpg  I was reminded this week of how fast life goes by.  Most of you probably heard that Heath Ledger died this past week.  While I was not a super-fan I did like several of his movies and I am looking forward to his role as the Joker in the next Batman film.  However, I believe some good can come out of the worst circumstances.  While we pray for his family I would also invite you to think about your own mortality.

I realize we don’t like to do that, especially the younger you are, but I feel it is healthy.  We are not promised tomorrow, no matter what Faith you hold, whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Atheist we all recognize that this moment in time is all we have.  A lot of our decisions would be much different if we chose to, as the Tim McGraw song says, “Live like you were dying” If this was your last moment on earth would you spend it holding a grudge or forgiving the people that hurt you?  Would you be angry at your kids for breaking your X-Box 360 or hugging them almost enough to smother them?  Would you ignore your spouse or focus all your attention on them so that they felt like the most important person in the world?

I suspect your answers would be the latter on all accounts. Don’t wait for a tragedy or a near death experience to share yourself with others.

Remember-  Their is a difference between existing and living and that difference is our capacity to love!


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