Constant Consistency

Dunkin’ Donuts Logo I love DunkinDonuts! Starbucks and all those others are ok, but the Dunkies Caramel Swirl Cappuccino is where it’s at! I found my one true love at the Dunkies by the Jacksonville, Fl International Airport. I was staying at the Holiday Inn Airport while on my monthly Weekend Warrior duty (I’m in the Florida Air National Guard). It was early on a Saturday morning when I walked in the the Dunkies to get a coffee and a bagel and there it was, a beautiful sign of a beautiful drink- the Caramel Swirl Cappuccino. My mouth watered and my wallet got lighter. It was a 12 oz cup of heaven! I was hooked. From then on every month I would go in and a wonderful Dunkies girl would make me my drink. Every time it was wonderful. My only other wish was that I would have a Dunkies in my town. Fat chance, I live in the booming metropolis of Dunnellon, Fl. Where? Exactly.

Then, to my amazement I saw a sign from heaven, “Dunkies coming soon!!” My very own Dunkies. I couldn’t wait. But for 6 months I did wait. Finally, the day arrived, Dunkies was open!!!! I rolled up the the drive thru, “Yes I would like a caramel swirl cappuccino please.” I took my first sip and promptly spit it out. Where was the sweet tasting beverage I had come to love even crave? Where was the whip cream I had asked for? Why were they doing this to me? I thought to myself, maybe they are just new, I will be patient and give them time. I did give them time and some more time and some more after that. Time and time I have gone back and after 7 or 8 times I received exactly 1 heavenly flavored drink. 1 out of 8. It has been said the consistency is the key to success. If that is true then why can’t I get the same drink at my Dunkies that I can get at the other Dunkies? Lack of consistency!

As a Christ-Follower I am reminded that consistency is a key trait in my relationship with God. If I am consistently in prayer and I consistently read the Bible then I am much more likely to consistently act the way He would want me to, kind of a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) attitude.

Remember- America may run on Dunkins, but this world exists because of God!


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