A Painfull Choice Part 2

NFL If you didn’t read part 1 click HERE!

Can you believe it? The Super Bowl. Come on God, not the Super Bowl. Once a year! Gonna be good. Will the Patriots do the impossible and complete a Perfect Season? Will Peyton Manning’s little brother win one and quiet the critics? All the drama, the excitement, the nachos and the cheerleaders (note to wife- skip last word in the previous sentence). I believe in the 3 F’s of life- FAITH, FAMILY & FOOTBALL!! I love college football– Go GATORS! I love NFL Football- Go Jaguars! I even like Arena Football– Go Storm. I love football. The only problem is that sometimes my 3 F’s get a little out of order. Sometimes Football jumps up a spot to edge out my Family, and , though I am ashamed to admit it, sometime it bumps Faith out of the top spot as well.

Yep, I am a Pastor and I have a Football Addiction problem. My wife is looking to join a Football Widow’s club next season. Here is the problem, nothing should come before God. Not my family, not football and definitely not the Super Bowl. Jesus was asked once what the greatest commandment of the 10 Commandments was here is His reply-

“Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence. This is the most important, the first on any list.” Matthew 22:36-38 The Message. Notice Football was no where in there? As a matter of fact, football is not mentioned anywhere in the entire Bible.

So here is what God does, when we put something before Him He first asks us to give it up willingly, if we don’t we move to round two, giving it up unwillingly. For some round one takes a lot longer than others, but round two is coming. I don’t want to get to round two. I would rather learn my lesson now. My wife Amy thinks I won’t go through with it. Some of my friends have emailed me in shock that I would even consider such an action, but come Sunday the true test will begin. Will I or won’t I. I will let you know Monday morning. And you know I will tell the truth because my wife reads these and she will call me out if I don’t.

Remember- Nothing should outrank God in our lives, if He is not FIRST it is time to re-prioritize!!


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