Cry Baby, Cry!

Sleeping Baby    This morning I was awakened by the incessant cries of my youngest child. They weren’t cries really, more like ear piercing shrieks meant to wake not only me but also the rest of Florida. Apparently her highness was hungry. So I got up and picked her up out of her bed and placed her in our bed while I went to make a bottle. She calmed down a bit as my wife held her hand. I came back with the bottle and lay down beside her to help her hold it up. She began gulping down the bottle and all was right once again. She finished the bottle and then proceeded to melt my heart.

She rolled over and placed her little hand on my chest, sighed a deep contented sigh and fell asleep. I lay there for several minutes just drinking in the love and trust of my daughter just as greedily as she had drank her bottle. But as often happens, she got a case of the wiggle-worms and wanted her own bed. So I gently picked her up and put her back in her crib where she flipped onto her tummy and went back to sleep.

I wonder, would you take a moment with me and allow me to speculate? I wonder, does God, who is our Father, feel like I did when we as His children snuggle up to Him? I mean we are like my daughter aren’t we? Something happens, we wake up hungry or the stock market crashes or our car breaks down and we begin crying. Dad (God) immediately comes to us and picks us up, whispers words of assurance into our hearts and then lets us curl up next to Him and place our hands on His mighty chest and sigh contentedly. I think He feels that same rush of love that I got this morning when my little girl snuggled with me.

But like my daughter, we get a case of the wiggle-worms as well and soon we want our own way. “It’s my life, I know what’s best for me.” “I can do this on my own.” And God says, “Ok, try it your way. When it fails, cry out to me and I will come get you and hold you close.” And we inevitably fail and run crying back to God. And, just as He promised, He scoops us up and holds us close and tells us it will be ok, I still love you.

Remember- Spending time with God is time well spent.


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