Need a Medic Over Here!

There is a lady in our church named Miss Deb. Miss Deb is the kind of person that all pastors wish they had about 300 of. However, I have to admit, when I first met her I wasn’t sure about her. She seemed a little “out there”. (Sorry Miss Deb) But as I got to know her I found out that she wasn’t “out there” but “Up There”, as in she was just really in love with Jesus. Once I figured that out we have put Miss Deb to work. She handles two of my kids and my nephew on Sunday morning, as well as any other kids who are at church. Mine are enough, let alone the others she has. My kids LOVE Miss Deb. She comes over to play with them and they talk about it for days.

Last Sunday we prayed for Miss Deb because she had to have surgery this week (it happened yesterday and went well), we asked the kids to hold hands around her and we prayed. After the prayer my son asked what was wrong with Miss Deb. We told him she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go see the doctor. He started crying and cried for half an hour because he didn’t want her to have to go to the hospital.

Here is the funny part of the story, when Miss Deb showed up to our church she didn’t have any interest in kids, I believe she wasn’t that fond of them. But she was asked if she would help in Children’s Church one morning and her love of Jesus wouldn’t let her say no. The next week she came to church ready to be with the kids. She fell in love with children, and they fell in love with her.

I said she is every pastors dream, why? Because she is humble and obedient, not to the pastor but to God. Because she is willing to try anything if it will help God or His church. Because she realizes that it is all about God, and not all about her. I pray we would all be so in love with God that we allow Him to use us however He wants.

Remember- God’s sense of direction is never wrong. He knows where He wants you!


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