Blurry and Fuzzy

The other day my really cool Nautica eye glasses broke. I don’t have to wear glasses. I can see ok without them, however the trees no longer have leaves, just green blobs and my children look a little out of focus from more than a couple feet. I can drive, I just can’t read street signs. There was one saving grace though, I had my old military issue glasses. Oh goody! In the Air Force they are known as BCG’s or Birth Control Glasses, cause you can’t get a girl to look at you with those babies on let alone go out with you.

Poor Guy Poor Guy! Here is what he looks like with out those glasses.

Denzel Ok, I’m just kidding, but you get the point. Those glasses are U-G-L-Y! But I wore them when I needed to read.

The point, however, is that without my glasses everything was out of focus. Sometimes it was hard to recognize people and things from a distance. The world seemed a little off.

Without a relationship with God the world seems a little out of focus.  When I am not spending daily time with Him I have a hard time “seeing” what he is doing.  Last night the Holmes family made a trip to Wal-Mart, this is our home away from home!  When we got in the store we realized that Madisyn, our youngest, would be happier in her stroller than attached via backpack to my hip.  So I went out with her to the van to get the stroller while my wife Amy stayed with the other two children.  I went to the van, got the stroller and started back.  I got halfway back to the store and couldn’t remember if I had locked the van.  So I turned around and headed back.  The remote wouldn’t lock until I got pretty much to the van.  This is a little unusual, most of the time it works from several feet away.  I thought nothing of it and turnned around and headed back to the store.  I saw my wife in the hallway in front of the store and went in the side to meet her.  When I walked up she exclaimed, “There’s my husband now, he is one of the pastors.”  My thought, “Great, what is she getting me into now.”  There she is with two kids fighting and yelling that they want Happy Meals and she is talking to a woman in her 50’s maybe early 60’s.  The lady, Violet, just sort of launches into her story, her late husband was a pastor and her kids had mostly walked away from God, she was raising her grandkids etc..  I won’t go into her details as it was between us and her.  She ended up crying and hugging us and we prayed with her right there in the Wal-Mart lobby.  She promised to be in church this Sunday and was excited that God had brought us to her in a moment of need.

As we walked away I asked Amy what had started all that.  She said she was standing there and this lady walked up to use the pay phone only to find an out of order sign on it.  Amy said when she turned around she had the saddest look on her face and she just had to see if she could help.  Violet said she had just bought a Go Phone and needed to activate it to give the number to the person who did her taxes but that she couldn’t because of the broken pay phone.  Amy offered her the use of her cell phone and after persuading her it was ok to use our minutes (we have like 1000 roll over minutes) she agreed.  Amy eventually ended up activating it for her because she was not sure how it worked.  From that small act of kindness a relationship was born.

Now, my wife could have missed this entire situation, I mean, she had two unruly kids with her, we had combat shopping to get to, and did I mention the two kids yelling for there Happy Meal??  BUT, she was looking at the world through God’s love.  She was focused on others, not herself.  Because of that, her vision was clear and focused.  And because of that, we were able to share God’s love with someone we had never met who at that moment, needed God’s love.

After we had finished talking with Violet I asked my wife, “Ain’t God cool?  To work things out at that exact moment in time for us to share His love with someone who needed it.  Man, it is so awesome to work with God instead of against Him.”

A lot of times we are focused on us, not Him and we miss the opportunities He has planted right in front of us to share His love.  That’s why one of the sayings I try to live by is, “It’s not about me, it’s all about Him.”  I can’t count the number of times I have missed an opportunity to communicate God’s Love.  How about you?  Are you focused and clear or are you blurry and fuzzy?   Jesus made the blind to see, he can correct your vision as well.  Amy’s was spot on yesterday, will yours be spot on today?

Remember- To see those that no one else sees, you must look through the love of God.


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