Support the Troops?? Part 1

Soldier This post is the first of 3 posts in response to ATW’s comments on an earlier post of mine. You can read it HERE as well as his comments.

I must confess, I have never been compared to a terrorist. It did give me pause and forced me to look at what I believe. For that I am thankful to ATW. I read a lot about Christians being in the military. There are two basic arguments, one for it and one opposed. The one opposed is here- Random Reflections by Greg Boyd the one for Christians in the military is here- Officer’s Christian Fellowship by Lieutenant General William K. Harrison, Jr., USA (Ret.)

I have read both and would encourage you to do the same. The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no and I believe it is one that every Christ-Follower must answer for themselves. Both sides can find support in the Bible for their opinion. Both have valid arguments for their view. With that I would like to say this,”Opinions are like buts, we all have one and from time to time they all stink.” Crude? Yes, but it gets the point across.

Having said that I would like to address some of the specific statements made by ATW.

1. Soldiers are out there to kill – period. We’ve seen what they were capable of doing in Iraq: Raping 14 year old girls and then killing the families to erase traces of their crimes.

I have spent almost 15 years in the military and have never killed a single person, nor have I ever done anything to bring dishonor on myself or my country.

I found the story ATW referenced about the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl as well as the murder of her family and it is true. You can read about it here- NY Times. Now obviously I do not condone the actions of these soldiers, I am abhorred about it and extremely sorrowful for the loss of this family. It is a great dishonor to the U.S. Military and I hope they get the maximum allowed punishment. However, to say that because of the actions of 4 or 5 guys the entire military is full of bloodthirsty savages who only want to rape, pillage and kill is absolutely ridiculous. If that is the case then all of our police, fire fighters and every company who has ever had an employee do something like this should be culpable. Obviously we don’t blame the Post Office for the man that “went postal” and killed people. Nor do we blame the teachers at Columbine for provoking the massacre that happened there. There are thousands of men and women in the U.S. Military, to suggest that if even 100 of them are evil means that we should disband and disarm is absurd. Are there people in the military who do horrible crimes, yes. If you were to gather up any group of people in large numbers you would undoubtedly be able to find people who would hurt and kill others. I know soldiers and have seen video of soldiers in Iraq and the surrounding countries who while fighting and killing the enemy are also bringing hope to the children and innocent civilians of that area. My last church was involved in one such ministry, by soldiers, to give $1000’s of dollars worth of school supplies to schools in Iraq. The T.V. and newspapers show the horrible things of war because it sells papers, very rarely do you see the amazing acts of love and courage that our men and women are doing over there.

……to be continued


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