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I am stealing (borrowing) someone elses blog for today. It says what I wanted to say better than I could have said it.

I t is from the blog Stream of Thought by Kevin Colón. Check him out if you have time.



Are you scared?

I met a guy a few years back that made a profound impact in my life and work. He is an executive mentor who has a way with questions. He actually is a question collector. He’s on a quest to find the very best ones. You should check out his websites…they just might make a difference in your life: QUICK WISDOM or MASTERPLANNING.

In Bobb Biehl latest Quick Wisdom Email, he asks, “What would you do if you were 100% free of all fear?

GOOD question! What would I do?!

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question and there have been some specific things that have come with for me….but more broadly, here’s the answer that I’ve come up with:

If I was 100% free of all fear I might actually do everything God wants me to do….every time.

It’s easy to let fear get in the way. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of perceptions. Fear of association. Fear of you name it. And it paralyzes us from doing what God wants to do in our lives.

So, are you scared? Chances are that you are (just like me). It’s just human nature, I guess. But what would it be like if you could eliminate fear or at least break through it? What would that free you up to do?

You know, God dreams a dream for each one of us. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually live it?! As the famous theologian Ty Pennington says on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, “LET’S DO IT!!!!!!”

End of Stolen Blog
OK, I am back. What did you think? If you had no fear what would you do? My biggest fear is the church that we are starting not succeeding. If I got rid of that it would free me from strategic planning to just live in the moment and let God worry about the rest. So I am going to try that.

Now let me hear from you. What is your biggest fear and if you could get rid of it what difference would that make?

Remember- “God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid but a spirit of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (New Century Version)


2 Responses

  1. Hey Shawn–Glad you enjoyed the blog. You know….I have the same fear a lot of times as you. What if this whole church thing doesn’t work out? I’ll be letting everyone down especially myself. Then….I found out that there’s nothing to lose with church starting. Think about it. If it does tank….that will mean you’ll be able to get a job at a big church somewhere, where you’ll actually have an office, you’ll get paid 4 times as much as you’re getting paid now and where you’ll have a lot more time off. Yeah….you’ll be miserable….but you’ll be able to go blog a lot more! 🙂 No fear, man….NO Fear!

  2. And just so we are all clear, what’s 4 times nothing? Just kidding. Thanks for the pep talk kc, I think?

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