Still Not Perfect

Part 1 of this blog can be found here!

Yeah Me! I came back and finished it on the day I said I would.

Here we go, I want to make something clear, I am very upset with myself for being dumb and putting something off that caused me to loose $2800. I make light of it because that is what I do when I am stressed, I make wisecracks. My wife would say that after almost 5 years of marriage this is another character flaw!! But it is my defense mechanism.

We were going to fix our van (CV joints, struts, front tires and new front brakes), buy a junker car for me so she has a vehicle at home to take the kids places, and try to do some repairs around the house that we have been putting band-aids on. But those look like they will have to wait. The van has to be fixed so it comes first.

So I am not happy with myself, but I can say this, while both Amy and I had some fault in this (I had more) neither of us played the “Blame Game”. We both decided that it would get us no where. That is one of the many, many reasons why I have the greatest wife in the world, she is generally optimistic like me. We both have our moments of despair but they are soon gone. Plus she trusts me, if I tell her it will be ok and that we will get through this, she just trusts me. I love her. I am a blessed man.

Sometimes things come into our lives that show us exactly who we are and how much character we have. This is one of those times, self-inflicted though it may be. It showed me something about myself and about my wife. It also shows us how much we trust in God. We have prayed and turned it over to Him. We have asked Him to help us out of the mess that we put ourselves in, and I have asked Him to help me stop procrastinating. We ask for a lot! But the Bible says “Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Matthew 7:7 (Contemporary English Version) No, this doesn’t mean I can ask for a new Ferrari, what is is talking about is that if I ask God for help He will help. It may not be in the way I was expecting but He knows the big picture. He knows what is best for not only us but for others as well. Think about it this way, as a parent my son comes to me and asks for help with putting his clothes on. He can’t zip up his jeans or his jacket. Now, I can just zip it for him and be on my way, in which case he will be back the next time, or I can stop and take the time to show him how to do it. It will take longer and he doesn’t understand why I am doing it but I know the big picture. God treats us the same way. He teaches us.

Remember- God loves us enough to teach us, not just do it for us. God doesn’t want us to be spoiled rich kids just because Dad is rich!


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