Is There More?

book.jpg     Recently I have been wondering if there is more. I mean, I have a good life, a beautiful wife, three great kids, a good job, make that good job(s). I have some friends, live close to my family. My van runs pretty well. I have it better than a lot of people in this world. But still I wonder if there is more. I don’t mean more stuff, but more to the Christian life.

I have a relationship with God. I believe in Jesus as my only way to get to God. I believe Jesus is God. I believe the Holy Spirit is inside me. I am a Christ-Follower. But yet somehow I am not satisfied. I want more. I want something deeper.

I am reading a new book titled, “I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt” by Vince Antonucci. So far he is talking about the same thing I have been wondering. So I am going to blog about what I learn as I read it. Here is what I got so far.

Most church people fall into one of two categories- Religion and Relationship. To me religion is basically just behavior modification. It is about how you act and what you do. Be good and help others. Go to church and put some cash in the plate. Do those things and you will be a good person. Thats religion. A system of beliefs and actions designed to make you a better person.

How about relationship? I hear that thrown around a lot in churches now. “God doesn’t want you to have religion, He wants a relationship.” Here is the problem with this, again, just my opinion, but relationship is still pretty shallow. I mean, I have relationships with lots of people, but in all honesty, I could live without them. I love my Mom, she is a great lady. But, if she leaves either this life or my life I will not cease to exist. I don’t depend on her for my life. How about my wife Amy? I love her, she is the largest part of my life on planet Earth. Everyday I am altered because of her. However, if she left me or left this life I would still be able to function. I would be devastated, but eventually I would recover. I have had several best friends, I still have three I consider to be my inner circle, Andy, Nathan and Scott. I spent years with each one, consider them as close as a brother, but we sometimes go months even years without talking. So if that is relationship it doesn’t seem adequate to me. Did Jesus really go through torture and death on a cross for this? If so He got the short end of the stick.

But maybe, just maybe there is a third option. Maybe there are stages, first we get religion then relationship then…..? Or maybe there in the wrong order, we get relationship and then it gets kind of boring, or we move away from time with God and the relationship fizzles and we slip into religion, just going through the motions, but inside we’re spiritually dying.

Read these passages from the Bible, it is what has me thinging that there is more-

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5 and this one

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10b

These passages make me wonder if I have it all. Am I remaining in God. What does that mean? Kind of like a baby in the womb relying on Mom to provide everything. What is life to the full? Do I have that? I don’t feel that I do.

So here it is, I am going to blog my way through the book. Not every day will be about this, but if you want to get the whole adventure I will keep each one in this series named the same- “Is There More”

Let me know what you think. Is there more than religion and relationship, or is that it?

To be continued……….


3 Responses

  1. hey shawn, thanks for picking up my book, and for blogging about it. i love that it’s helping you to ask questions, and this post.

    there’s also a whole series of stuff that go along with the book (all for free) if you’d like to explore these questions with your church or small group. check out

    thanks again, vince

  2. Hey Vince,
    Thanks for the comment. I already have the cd with all the goodies on it. I am planning the series now, probably in a couple months. We are already planned out that far.

  3. Shawn,
    I finally got this book!! Thanks for recommending it! It’s honestly going on my list of “best books ever read/books that changed my life”. I was laughing out loud on the very first page! Kudos!!
    ~Emily Grace

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