Keep Waiting

Sorry to the 5 or 6 faithful readers who check out my blog for time to time!  I have been busy.  Getting ready for my Air National Guard weekend and then Amy went out last night a left me with the kids.  Which is cool, it is nice to have some time with the kids when she isn’t nagging me, “Don’t play so rough.”  “Quit hitting Blayne’s head into the ceiling.”  “Stop seeing how many carrots Abby can stick up her nose.”  “Quit using the kids to experiment ESP with.”  If I can’t try mind to mind communication with flesh of my flesh who can I with then.  I have no twin that I know of.  Accept maybe Tom Cruise, we look too much alike to be coincidental I think, or Jim Cary in Ace Ventura, there is some slight resemblance there as well.

OK, well I have to motor off to work.  Electrical outlets and burnt out light bulbs are calling my name.  (Disclaimer- Hearing light bulbs and outlets actually speak to me in no way indicates my mental instability.)

Keep Loving Like Jesus,



2 Responses

  1. lol…Um, child abuse! You’re a violent father!!! 🙂

  2. Well hello Emily,
    Emily is herself a blogger. She is a high school senior. She is going to be a writer, hopefully famous, I would like to know one famous person before I die. LOL. Seriously, she has a great blog, if you have time I encourage everyone to take a jump over there.

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