Let’s Play “Where’s Waldo?”

Waldo    Or, “Where’s Shawn” I am in a usually sunny place, but today it is VERY windy and it rained hard last night. There are beaches nearby and the Jaguars NFL team calls this home. Anyone know? Right- Jacksonville, Fl. Why am I here you ask, because I am doing the Weekend Warrior thing. I am in the Florida Air National Guard. So here I am in a hotel room blogging. I am taking a break from some paperwork I am working on to share a little.

I drove from Ocala, Fl yesterday and hit a bad storm. It had been raining all day. As I drove up HWY 301 traffic came to a stand still. I figured someone had gotten into a fender bender. So I cranked up Steve Brown Etc.. and continued listening to him talk about the church and how we should deal with homosexuals. Good stuff by the way, listen HERE! I would say that Steve Brown is a Christian Shock Jock. I don’t agree with everything he says and does but he makes some awesome points.

Anyway, this blog is not about him. As I got closer to the traffic jam I saw an SUV off the side of the road with something on top of it. Right away I knew this would not be good. As I crept closer it turned out that the driver had lost control and hit a telephone pole head-on. This was not a small pole like you would see at your house or in your neighborhood, but one of the big ones. It was bad, the pole was snapped in half and laying across the length of the SUV, like they were carrying it home or something. The roof was smashed in, the windshield shattered.

I don’t know if the people in it survived or not. I don’t know if it was just adults or if there were children in there. I don’t know much of anything, but I do know this, it could happen to any of us. In a split second life could completely change. You could go from Soccer Mom to Sobbing Mom, from Electrician to Electrocuted, from Pastor to Passed Away. From Teen Heart Throb to No Heartbeat.

That was not to be the end of the bad news for me this weekend though, I found out that one of the men I have served with the past three years died last month. His name was Jesse D. I hadn’t know Jesse for a long time but I can tell you this, that man could work. He was a machine. He was a good soldier who I came to find out served in Vietnam as a combat troop. He had seen a lot in his time. He was 58 yrs old, but I promise you he didn’t look a day over 38. And he could out work most 28 year olds I know.

Why do I bring all this depressing news to you? To make you thin for a moment. Life is not guaranteed. We have know idea when the lights will be turned off and the show canceled. What is left undone in your life? What is left unsaid. Have you told the people in your circle that you love them? How about the people you don’t like? Isn’t life over to soon to hold grudges and resentment in your heart? The Bible says that we are just vapors, here for a small amount of time and then we’re gone. Here’s one, have you told God that you love Him? Have you thanked Him for one more second of breath? Have you shown His love to those you have met today?

Remember- It is not if you will die but when will you die. Are you satisfied that you have done all you could to to reflect His love?


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