Obedience to God

obedience1.gif I am reading Charles Stanley’s book, “Living the Extraordinary Life” for my morning devotion time. In it he writes about obedience. I know that most of us don’t like to hear the “obey” word to often. We associate it with slavery or the lack of our individualism. We are our own person. No one can tell us what to do. My way or the highway. We have bumper stickers that inform the world through cleverly phased statements that “my will be done, I take orders from no one”.

But the truth is that we all have someone that we have to obey. I have my wife, you have a boss at work. Example- My wife wanted a dog, I didn’t want one right now, so we compromised and got a dog! I am kidding, but you get the point. We did get a puppy, half Red Tick Hound and half Terrier. He is a good dog. We are trying to teach him NOT to pee and poop on the floor. He is doing pretty well, if we forget that we have a dog for a while we find land mines and liquid reminders in our room. The problem is not obedience, but knowledge. He doesn’t yet know that he is supposed to let us know when he needs to go out. He needs training not discipline. On the other hand, he hates his leash. When I first put it on him he rebelled. He would walk for a while and then just sit down. I would whistle, call his name and make that “thick, thick” sound with my tongue, nothing. He just sat there. He knew what I wanted, it was just not what he wanted. So there he sat, dug in, not moving. I gave a little tug, still not moving. So I drug him about 3 feet. He got the message and walked a few steps, then he stopped again. So we went through the routine again. After a few days of this he has started to learn that when I say “come on” he starts walking. He is learning to obey.

Jesus does the same thing with me. He says “come on” and I dig in. He says “do this” and I refuse. He says “don’t do that” and I do it any way. I need to learn obedience. I need to learn to obey. I mean, it’s not like I am smarter than Him. He’s God. Knower of All Knowing, Maker of All Made Things, and Teacher of All Teaching. The meaning of Christ-Follower is that He leads and we follow. Jesus said that “if we loved Him we would do what He says.” John 14:15

Over the next few days we are going to look at the following principles of obedience-

1. Trust God With Your Life and Leave the Consequences to Him

2 . Learn to Wait On the Jesus

3. Learn to Meditate on God’s Word

4. Learn to Listen to the Holy Spirit

5. Be Willing to Walk Away When the Path is Unclear

6. Be Willing to Experience Conflict

7. Accept God’s Discipline with Thanksgiving

Remember- Putting Jesus in charge means firing the person that was running your life- YOU!


3 Responses

  1. Great everyday life illustration! It is true, the word and concept of “obedience” is definitely one most of us prefer to dodge. I know the Lord is always catching me on, “If you love me do what I say.” And it is a daily choice– in fact, a moment-by-moment choice often times. It is only when I don’t obey that I have regrets. Auntie L

  2. “The problem is not obedience but knowledge” – Sometimes I forget this and when that happens I feel so frustrated with my children not obeying me. I would have to remind them the rules – the what, how and why – to obey.

    But then what if they know but still don’t obey? What is the problem? Attitude? The sinful nature?

    This goes not just for my children of course. Same is true of grown-ups like me.

    I totally agree – If we love, we will obey. Must take faith and humility but love is the greatest virtue we need.

  3. @ Christine- Very true. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon.

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