Learn To Wait On God

Part 2 on Obedience

mcdonalds.jpg     As we continue on with our series on obedience I want to look at a word we all hate almost as much as “obey”, and that word is “wait”. Don’t you hate that word? I do, I like fast food and express checkout lines, I like microwaves and Jiffy Lube. I like instant savings and no traffic lights. Why? Because I don’t like to wait. I don’t. It is very shallow I know, but I bet if you look in yourself you will see that you don’t like to wait either. We are a very impatient nation. Who doesn’t get upset if Mickey D’s takes 20 minutes to get us their Heart-Attack-in-a-Sack Meal Deal, or if the person in front of us at Wal-mart pulls out a bag of change and starts counting out pennies, 98,99,100! Who wants to wait on popcorn??? 2 minute in the Nuker and “DING”. Oil Changes on your lunch break? Yeah, you want that done fast, Mickey D’s might take to long and you will be late back to work. Thats the world we live in. We want things fast! No reason to wait.

However!! There are a few things worth waiting for, right? How about home made ice cream. Oh yeah! Or coffee, ever try instant coffee? Babies, it takes nine months or so to cook ’em, but boy are they worth it. Your first kiss! Hopefully it will be worth the wait! There are a few more, but you get the point. A famous country song says, “we rush and rush until life’s no fun.” I think we have become so fast paced that we have accelerated past enjoyment. We no longer have time for fun, when was the last time you went to the beach and made a sand castle? Or went into the woods and went camping. How about swimming for fun, not exercise? Had a food fight, watched a cartoon, read a comic book, dipped your french fries in your milk shake at Wendy’s, mooned someone you know, or laid down with you child and fell asleep? Somethings are worth the wait.

God is worth the wait as well. Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers right away and we tend to get impatient and rush ahead before God gives us the Holy Green Light. And just like Mr. Policeman that gives you a ticket for running a red light, God gives us a ticket for running His red light. Sometimes it is just a smack on the hand, other times He brings down the house. We have to learn to wait on God. He has what is called “perfect timing”, never to early, never to late, He is right on time. It is His time though, not our time. Throw your Rolex (or Timex) away when dealing with the God of the universe. He works on God-Time, not our time. Psalms 27:14 says “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” We are to learn patience, we are to learn how to wait. But it takes courage and the ability to be brave to do it, to look at everything crumbling or slipping away and say, “I am waiting on the Lord. I am waiting for Him to give me the green light. No matter what things look like, I am trusting in Him. He has my obedience.”

Remember- Obedience + Patience= Peace in the storm of life


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