Be Willing to Experience Conflict

Part 6 on Obedience

conflict.jpg     Many times our obedience to God may place us in a situation where the majority of those around us don’t like us.  We will certainly be viewed as unpopular.  I can recall several times in my life where standing up for what God views as right meant accepting some negative peer pressure.  Conflict always follows someone who stands for there beliefs, espeacially those of a Christ-Follower.  There are two main reasons for this that I can see,

1.  The “world” is corrupt and broken.  Sin has made our world see thousands of shades of grey instead of black and white.  Remember the old westerns?  Black hat= Bad Guy;  White Hat= Good Guy.  Today no one wheres a hat at all.  When we watch a movie the bad guy is the good guy.  There are no moral or ethical absolutes anymore.  The Ten Commandments have become the Ten Suggestions.  Even “religious” figures are failing morally.  The thing we need to remember about all this is that Jesus is not the world.  He is not touched by sin, He is not broken.  He never failed morally or ethically, and He is beside us without fail.  The Bible says that He never leaves us or abandons us.  Hebrews 13:5.

2.  Conflict causes us to stay with Jesus.  When life is hunky dory we tend to forget about God.  We have everything and feel secure, no need to bother God today.  Eventually, if we are not careful, we stray from God and what was once wrong we begin to justify.  “Well, it can’t be that bad, I”ll just try it this once.”  Soon, we fall into a pattern of sin and become just like the “world”.  Conflict makes us uncomfortable and discomfort turns us to God.  As a child when I was hurt or uncomfortable I expressed it to my parents, most of time very loudly.  We do the same with God.

Conflict is a natural, normal part of life.  It serves a great purpose, to direct us to God.  Remember how I said that standing for what is right makes you unpopular?  Let me ask this question, whose oppinion really matters more?  God’s or the “worlds”?

Remember- Aaron Tippin sang, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”  Stand for God!


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