Accept God’s Discipline With Thanksgiving

Part 7 on Obedience

right-way-wrong-way1.jpg    First let me state that when you do disobey God you can at any time stop disobeying and ask for His forgiveness.  Nothing you have done, are doing or will do is beyond God’s forgiveness.  God’s love knows no limits.  His forgiveness can cover all our screwups.  However, being forgiven does not necessarily remove the consequences of our disobedience.  Sometimes we have to get the spanking even after we have asked forgiveness.  Some of you don’t think that that is fair, but it is a natural law, just like gravity.  If you jump out of a 30 story building from the top floor you are going to fly all the way to the ground.  “SPLAT!”  When you break the law you will eventually get caught and you will pay the penalty.  When you break God’s law He offers forgiveness but not absolution from the results.  Now, sometimes we don’t see the consequences, but eventually they come.  The good news is that even then Jesus is right there with us.

Forgiveness is about restoring the relationship with God, not getting out of the punishment.  When I was 11 or so I shoplifted from Wal-Mart.  I got caught.  My Mom was not happy.  My Dad was not happy.  My Grandma was not happy.  When I got home my rear end was not happy.  But my folks and my Grandma forgave me.  I still had to take the punishment.  A lack of trust from my parents and 40 hour community service work picking up garbage.  (Riding with the guys on the garbage truck was one of the funnest times of my life.  They treated me well and bought me soda’s and candy.  Probably because I worked hard and didn’t have an attitude)  I did the crime and served the time.

While that was pretty minor it illustrates the point.  If you have time read the story of the Prodigal Son.  Click HERE to read it.  In it we read of God’s love and forgiveness toward us.  While the consequences of sin are unavoidable we can attain true forgiveness and renewed hope when we turn toward God and accept His loving offer.  He may not remove the pain of disobedience but He can forgive you and restore His blessing in your life.

Remember- Thank God for the spanking today, it may keep your butt out of the fire tomorrow.



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  1. Thank you sooo much! You just answered my problem. We serve an amazing God!

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