This Old Man Came Rolling Home

I always liked that song.  Anyway, my Dad is home from the hospital.  For those that don’t know, Dad had a heart attack this past Saturday.  I thought I was going tot loose him for a while there.  But, thankfully, God decided to give us some more time with him.  So he is back at home and recovering.  He has been told to take three weeks off from work so that he can heal.  I would ask that anyone reading this please pray for my Mom and Dad as not working means not making money and unfortunately the bills still have to be paid and food still costs a fortune.  Anyone wishing to send a donation let me know!!

When I thought I was going to loose my Dad several things crossed my mind.  One that sticks out though was that I kept praying “Don’t take my Dad.  I am not ready to loose him yet.”  Over and over my mind and soul was crying that to God.  “Don’t take my Dad.”

I wonder if God’s heart was saying the same thing as he watched His Son Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.  “Don’t take my Son.  I am not ready to loose Him yet.”  You say, “Yeah, but God knew He would see His Son again, it wasn’t the same.”  Sure it is, I know I will see my dad again in heaven.  It would still hurt to loose him.  I would still miss him.  The difference is that God and I had the “HOPE” that we would see them again.  By hope I don’t mean maybe we would see them again, it is a sure hope, a hope you can believe in, a hope that won’t let you down.

“Thanks God for leaving my Dad here a little longer.  Please help us to serve you.” Amen

Remember- God knows the pain of loss, He can give you hope.


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