Sometimes Life Stinks

Life has been the opposite of good for a while now. The church that my Dad and I started has not taken off like we had believed it would. We are 6 months old and we only have about 20 people. 10 of those are family. The building we are in is not kid friendly and we have lost a few families because of that. We are reaching mostly unchurched people so our offerings are not very good. Most give $5 or so a week. Hard to pay the rent and purchase supplies on that amount of money. We were hoping to be running 100 or more each week in attendance by now. So the vision Dad and I had for a church to meet needs in our community is slow going to the point of not moving.

Our whole family has been sick the last few months. My oldest has had, bronchitis, walking pneumonia, and strep, he was almost hospitalized. My oldest daughter has had bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and now she has strep. My youngest got pre-pneumonia and was almost hospitalized as well. I have had bronchitis for the last 3 weeks. My wife developed a 1/2″ kidney stone that required surgery to break up. My mom has been sick and last Saturday my dad had a medium heart attack and was in ICU. My van broke down and so did mom and dad’s truck. We are behind on our bills due to the doctor and medicine bills. And to top it all off God has been silent in my daily prayer and Bible time.

Where is God? Why are we going through this? I have narrowed it down to three possibilities.

1. We are on the right track, fulfilling God’s Purpose and the devil (yes I believe the devil exists) is fighting like crazy to stop us.

2. We are on the wrong track and God is trying to get our attention to stop and do something else.

3. There is no god and this is all a colossal waste of time and energy.

Since I believe in God and know that He is there it must be 1 or 2. So which one is it? Are we on the right road or did we get off at the wrong exit and God, like the G.P.S. in cars, is telling us to make a “U-TURN”.

Today I was reading a book in my “Currently Reading” list on the right called I read while, um, using the facilities (on the john). I read a chapter and he was talking about all this stuff going wrong in his life on what he calls “The Journey of Believe”. I was thinking that it sounded like us. I finished the chapter and finished my visit with “john” and went to get a cup of coffee. OK, I know this is kind of gross but bear with me. Before I could pour my coffee I realized I was not done conversing with “john”, so back I went. I sat down and began the next chapter, and thats where my view of this season in my life changed.

….to be continued.


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