New Updates Installed

I just restarted my computer and it informed me that “New Updates Were Installed”.  Man, wouldn’t that be nice?  As a Christ-Follower, every so often God would send out and update for my software (my head) and all I had to do was go to sleep and the next morning, bang, “New Updates Were Installed”.  I mean, you wouldn’t need to pray about the secret sins in your life, just get an “Update”.  No more reading the Bible, just ask God for an “Update”.  No more worries- “Hey God, I need and update on my worry software.”

Unfortunately there is no “Update” button or, for that matter, an “Easy Button” like in the Staples commercials that just magically fixes everything.  I wish that there was, but there isn’t.    

Every “Update” that we get IS through prayer, reading God’s Word or participating in group worship (church).  When we spend time with God or His Followers we receive “updates” all the time.  Anytime God opens your heart and mind to a new eternal truth about Him it is an “Update”.  Every time we feel God’s prescence and are led to do something for Him, it is an “Update”.

When was the last time you received and “Update” from God?  If it has been a while maybe you need to spend a little more time with Him and a little less time reading “blogs” on line, to include this one!!

Remember– The Great Programmer sends out “Updates” all the time, get yours today- read, pray and go to church.


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