Feel Like a Heel

Hello to anyone still thinking of this blog.  WOW.  It has been over two months since my last entry.  A lot has been going on and unfortuanately, you my readers, had to suffer.  When crunch time hits some things have to hit the cutting room floor, this tme it was my blog.

Quick Rundown of the last Two Months

1.  My wife got very sick, i.e… 5 or 6 Emergency Room visits in two months (she is doing better but still trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with her)

2.  The church we were starting closed it’s doors.

3.  My sister is pregnant with her second child (congrats Sis)

4.  The family dog of 10 years had to be put to sleep (You will be missed Bear- more on that later)

5.  I started at my new Air National Guard Base, Tyndall AFB, Panama City, Florida.

6.  My wife is planning a trip to Missouri for her Grandfathers 80th birthday.  You go Grandpa Shanks!  (FYI- about Grandpa Shanks- makes the best breakfasts EVER!!)

7.  Amy (my wife)- her brother just got married.  Congratulations Adam.  (Hey Adam, ever notice how the wedding march and the funeral march sound almost the same?)

8.  The new season of Burn Notice started, my favorite new T.V. show.  

9.  The church closed, but we are doing a Bible Study each Saturday night, so if you life in the Dunnellon, Lake Tropicana, Westwood Acres part of Florida leave a comment and I will hook you up with the info.

10.  We are also working on doing a re-launch of our church, to be named The Bridge Community Church.                        (Anyone with some extra money can donate, let me know and I will send you our parent church info, Fellowship Baptist Church.  Here is our new logo.  Suggestions???  

Thats all for today.  Hopefully I can get back to this regularly.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.




5 Responses

  1. YOU’RE BACK!!! I thought you’d left for good. 😦 It’s great to see you, but I’m very sorry to hear about all your news! I have been & will continue in prayer, both for your wife and your church.

    My church is dying, as well, so I can empathize. They may be making the painful close-the-door decision, too.


  2. Awe man, that stinks. If you are ever in the Dunnellon, Fl area stop by ours. Hopefully it will be up and going by then. Thanks for your prayers. I was getting pretty depressed and as you can imagine, so was my wife.

  3. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

  4. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Greets.

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