You Just Never Know!

I read an article on about a couple who were nearly crushed to death by a falling McDonalds

And, yes, you read that right, a Mickey D’s sign.  There are a lot of unconventional ways to die, I have thought about some of them.  I read a lot of fiction and action books and some of them have some crazy ways to perrish, but this has to be one of the most unusual ways to go.  Thankfully neither of the people died but they did sustain severe injuries.  Follow the link to read the full story, I’ll wait.  “Couple Crushed By McDonald’s Arches“.

Now, most Christian bloggers would use this as an example of why you shouldn’t put off having a relationship with God because you never know when your time on Earth will be over, and while that is true, I’m not going there.  I want to use this story to make us examine ourselves and look at the relationships in our life.  Is there someone or something that comes to mind when you ponder the question of all questions- “When will I die?”  Is there a relationship that has fallen apart that needs to be restored.  Is there an unfinished act that you have been meaning to get to but just never seem to have the time?  What has been hanging over your head for a while now that when you think about it you feel disappointed in yourself about?

A friend of mine recently told a story about a memorial service that he attended where 600 people showed up.  He made the statement that when his time came he hoped that he had positively affected that many people in his life.  What a memorial to leave behind.  This woman had touched the lives of so many people.  Amazing!

How many people would show up after a falling McDonald’s sign takes you out?  How many lives have you touched?

Psalms 78:1-4 says this-

Listen, dear friends, to God’s truth, bend your ears to what I tell you.
I’m chewing on the morsel of a proverb;
I’ll let you in on the sweet old truths,
Stories we heard from our fathers,
counsel we learned at our mother’s knee.
We’re not keeping this to ourselves,
we’re passing it along to the next generation—
God’s fame and fortune,
the marvelous things he has done.   “The Message”

Leave a Legacy.  Make right the relationships and situations that are messed up.  Clean house.  Do what it takes to restore love in your life.




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