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question I have a page on this blog specifically to allow you the reader to ask questions.  It is called the Questions??Questions?? page.  It is at the top of this page.  See it?  Good.  If not, here is the direct LINK.


A long time reader asked me the following question-

Ya, I thought of a question, if you wanna help me with some research I’ve been working on. :) Its a Bible question. The Bible claims that sexual immorality is a sin (I’m not gonna try find the verse(s), I’m sure you’ve read them). So, my question is: Define sexual immorality. Not as our culture has defined it, but as the apostle Paul, writing in ancient New Testament times to whichever people/churches he was adressing his letter to meant it. Oh, and if you could be SO SWEET as to cite your sources for me, I would appreciate it IMMENSELY!! Because you know me…I need to see the historical trail to believe anything. :) :) KUDOS Shawn!!!


I have answered her question to the best of my ability through research and prayer.  You can find that answer HERE along with the follow up comments and questions that came as we looked at what Sexual Immorality is Biblically. 

Feel free to either post any comments or questions about this topic at the bottom of the above page.

Or, if you have a question feel free to post it on the Questions??Questions?? page.

If your question is of a more personal spiritual question you can email me at  I won’t post it or share it with anyone else, except my wife, this is for accountability reasons.  I keep no secrets from her.


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