Birthday Boy

Because today is my 34th Birthday, there will not be a blog today or for the rest of the week.  I know, I know, “Let the celebration commence.  Woo Hoo”!”  However……

bdaycake1Since there won’t be the normal “Make You Look At Yourself In The Mirror” entrée.  I thought I might give you a taste of something I am working on for future consumption.

I do a little graphic design, mostly free lance and fun.  I don’t charge, (read- Not That Good!)  but I love doing it.  Here are a couple blogs that I have done custom headers for.  Check them out, the first is designed for Social Studies teachers and the second is for History Buffs.

Citrus County Social Studies– useful to Social Studies teachers and insomniacs only!!!

Great Lives In History– Good blog, I learn a lot about history I never knew I wanted to learn!

bday cake On both pages I designed the large graphic at the top, nothing else.  It was for a good friend of mine that I have known for years.  OK, enough with the shameless plug for people to read his stuff.  (I expect my check no later than Aug 43rd Mike)

Here is what I am working on.  I am working on designing a business card that you can print from your own computer or over the web for a very low cost (not through me, through an online printing company).  You will be able to customize it or have me customize it with any name you want.  Your name, your Church name, your business’ name, the name of a civic group, a charity or, well, anything.  The list is endless.  I will have several designs that will be available for FREE download.  I will have them so you can change them and personalize them, or you can ask me and I will personalize them (at no cost) for you or whatever group you want.  Although, if you want me to do the work I will need a generous lead time as I have three kids, a wife and Mother-in-Law, 2 dogs, a full-time job, this blog and church that  monopolize my time.

bday OK, any one interested?  I am going on faith that there are people out there that want to make a difference in others lives but just don’t know how.  This will give you the incentive and the small kick in the pants to do it.

While I won’t tell you the details, I will give you a hint. (note:  a few of you know- keep you yapper closed!!)

Matthew 7:12

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I’m not Einstein!

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