Nouns vs. Verbs

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of “NOUNS vs. VERBS”.  In today’s episode we will be looking at the word “Church” to decide if it’s a, say it with me- “A NOUN OR A VERB!”  That’s right.  We have some great prizes for the winner of today’s challenge, tell them Chuck.

Well Frank, if they win they will receive some dirt under their fingernails, some blisters on their hands and maybe, just maybe their wallets and purses will be just a touch lighter!”

What the heck am I talking about?  Have I lost my mind?  Has the cheese slipped off my cracker?  Well, yes,  but that’s besides the point.  What I’m talking about is how you and I view the word “church”.  If you ask people what is “church” you will get a bunch of answers, the uninformed will say “the building”.  The informed will say “the people”.  The deeply spiritual know it all will say, “I am the church”.  The religious theologian will say, “The priesthood of believers are the church”, usually in a very nasally voice.

That’s the problem though, everyone of those definitions are for nouns.  But the Bible is full of Jesus telling us to see the word “church” as a verb.  In the Great Commission alone we are told to “go’, “train”, “baptize” and “instruct”.  In the Great Commandment Jesus tells us, the church, to love God and to love others.

Something I recently noticed is the last verse in the Great Commandment, take a look.

“These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.”  Matthew 22:40 The Message.

Everything hangs on these two commandments, love God and love others.  THIS IS CHURCH!  Church in action.  Being the Church.  Church as a verb.

This Christmas season try BEING the Church, not just going to church.  Maybe don’t spend thousands of $$$$$ on presents that people will either toss in the garbage or re-gift next year.  Maybe buy your kids two less toys this year and take that money and do Church with it.  Give it to your local church.  Give it to a local charity.  Give it to someone in your neighborhood that can’t pay their electric bill much less buy Christmas presents for their kids.

Or you can give the gift of clean water. Living Water International

I don’t work for these people but I know they are legit.  My church donates to them.  There are literally millions of charities you can donate to, find one you identify with and give.

Make Church a verb.  Something you do.  Don’t just go Sunday mornings and plop you rear-end on a chair for an hour or so and think you lived the Christian Life.  You aren’t “doing church”, you are just going to a church.  Go get your fingernails dirty, get some blisters on your hands and lighten your wallet/purse a little this year.

Lets Church this year!

It’s all about Him,


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