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971769_35234818 Well, it’s the end of the year and it is time for the 1st Annual “Searching For Stuff” Blog.  What is the “Searching For Stuff” blog?  Well, it’s the post where I go through the search engine words that brought people to my blog.  It’s also when I look back and see how many people visited and the amount of comments, along with my own special sense of humor. 


NOTE- If you’re looking for spiritual uplifting or some deep Christ-filled entry then today is NOT your day.  I got nothing for you.  Just some stupid facts and mindless fun.  Hope you enjoy it anyway.

I am always fascinated by what people type into their Google, Bing and Yahoo search boxes (although according to what i have read, most of the yahoo in Yahoo has said toodle-loo).  It amazes me that I write a Christian blog and the top ten word searches that have brought random people across the world to my little blog mostly have nothing to do with Jesus.  Here they are in order- 1088940_96230265


Basically, what this tells me is that I need to write about glass cleaner, diapers and beer (dos equis is a beer).  Three of the top ten refer to dos equis.  Maybe people are spilling their beer while changing a diaper and cleaning it up with Windex.

My busiest day of the year was April 11th.  There were 289 page views.  The most read post that day was The Ultimate Example of Obedience! with 280 looks.  The best month was October with 2,092 people taking a peek.  Total people for the year that visited this blog?  14,566!  Last year- 7,366.  Almost doubled!  At this rate I will be the most popular blog in the world in 47 years!

Actually, that’s pretty cool.  Maybe it will double again next year.  WARNING!  Incoming Shameless Plug.  Please feel free to share the link to my blog on your facebook, myspace, twitter or linkedin pages.

I have made 121 posts and you have made 177 comments.  That makes my goal of 2 posts per week.  Maybe next year the comments will be doubled as well.  I love to read your thoughts and opinions.

Two other bloggers have linked or written about my blog.  Allow me to return the favor- “Emotional Abuse and Your Faith” as well as “footsteps of life”.  “footsteps of life” writer Emily is a good friend of mine, she is also and excellent writer and person.

987790_61075186 Well, I guess that about sums it up.  This has been a great year.  I think I am getting better.  I hope you are enjoying and learning as much as I am.  Feel free to share this blog with your friends, if you have any.  If you don’t, share it with your enemies.  None of those either?  Then just share it with random people at Wal-mart. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It’s all about Him,


Did you like this post? Did you hate it? Please share it with your friends and leave a comment below. I would love to read your thoughts and opinions.

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