Welcome to 2010.  I hope your New Years celebration was fun and safe.  I rang in the New Year while kissing the most beautiful woman in the world, my lovely Bride of 6 years.  I love you Babe and look forward to another 365 days of fun and love!

444924_90961729 With that being said, a friend of mine and reader of this here blog emailed me and asked if I would write something for her.  She is going through a rough time.  She recently experienced the death of a friendship.  I’ve been there.  I’ve experienced that hurt.  I’ve worked through that pain.  Sometimes I’ve even been the cause of it.  Words are exchanged, meanings are misinterpreted, emotions are trampled.  You feel like a shell.  Like an old abandoned house with the door off the hinges and the windows broken.

This feeling is temporary of coarse, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.  It can feel like the end of the world.

I wish I could pull a Bible verse out of my brain that makes it all better.  I wish I could look at your emotional boo-boo and like I do with my little girl, “kiss it and make it all better”, but I can’t.  I despise “bumper sticker” theology.  It annoys me when I am going through an emotional beat-down and I go to someone and they quote an over-used Bible verse at me like- “Well Brother Shawn, the Bible says that all things work together for good, you just have to hang on.”  I want to scream, “I KNOW THAT!  I’VE GONE TO CHURCH BEFORE!”  ARGGGHH!  Just put your hand on my shoulder and say, “Life sure does suck sometimes but it will get better.”  I don’t like Christian platitudes so I won’t give them to you, unless I’m tired, then I might whip some pearl of wisdom I read on a church sign out and lay it on you.  Here’s my current Worst Church Sign Ever” winner- “Need a lifeguard?  Ours walks on water.” Someone drown me now!

Here’s what I will tell you, Jesus understands.  He felt this pain.  He felt rejected.  One of His closest friends not only left Him but betrayed Him.  He literally got “sold out” by His buddy.  We all know who I am talking about, good old Judas.  Not only did Judas sell Him out but he betrayed Him with a show of love, betrayed by a kiss (like a hug now-a-days).  Read it HERE and HERE.

But that wasn’t the only one who rejected Jesus.  Peter also un-friended Jesus on his facebook page (yes that was a stupid cultural reference to bring the denial of Jesus by Peter into the 2000’s and yes I know it was horrible and yes I know Jesus never had a facebook page).  Read about it HERE1038456_20628481

Oh yeah, all the rest of Jesus’ “BFF’s” (yeah, yeah, I know) also disappeared faster than roaches when you turn on the lights.  Read it HERE.

But perhaps the worst rejection, the most horrible pain was when the dump truck of life backed up and unloaded on Him the mountain of sin that severed His relationship with God the Father, even if only temporarily.

The avalanche of sin and the feeling of utter abandonment by His Father caused Jesus to cry out in desperation at the depth of His pain, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”

“Why have you abandoned me Dad?”  “Where are you?”  Where are my friends, my family?”  “Why am I all alone?”  “Will the pain ever end?”  “Why have I been abandoned, cast to the side like used toilet paper?”  (My interpretation of Matthew 27:45-46)

I don’t have a pithy quote or an uplifting Bible verse to make it all right as rain, but I can offer you a Savior that knows where you are, that has felt the pain you feel, that has been abandoned and alone just like you.  I can hold out to you the hope that despite how you feel, you are not alone.  I can council you to place your hand in the hand of Jesus and know that there is at least one that has been where you are and loves you like no other.

This world is full of hurt and pain and abandonment but it is also full of joy and healing and love.  And the only One that can give you that joy, healing and love is the same one that suffered all those things for you and died to make you new again.  Cry out to Jesus, Run to Him.

He’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt (and the scars on His hands and feet as well as His back and face)


It’s all about Him,


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