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DUO What is DUO?

DUO stands for “Do Unto Others”.  The idea for this came to me when my Dad and I started a church a few years ago.  We wanted to have something to hand out to people while we were doing practical things to serve them.  This is very similar to Servant Evangelism.  We couldn’t afford their cards, so I designed my own. 

We had all kinds of ideas where this could be used; helping people clean up their yard after a storm, paying for a young families meal at McDonald’s, having a free car wash etc…  Here is a list from the Servant Evangelism website where you can use the DUO cards.  Click HERE for the list.

In a nutshell, just do something nice for someone and hand them a card.

The ideas and applications are limited only by your imagination.

Unfortunately the economy dropped out from underneath us and the church start failed.  However, I have never let go of this idea. 

How much does it cost?

100% Free, at least for the image.  How and where you print it is up to you.  You can use a printer at home, take it to Kinko’s or have it printed online.  I will have some online printer websites at the bottom of this page for easy reference but I don’t have any agreement with them so go wherever you can find the best price. 

Do I have to give you credit or put your name on my website?

Nope!  Unless you want to, then just link back to this blog.  If you want an Icon to put on your website let me know and I will email it to you.

I do ask one thing, if you use these, I would love it if you left a comment below letting me know where and what for.  I would like to know all my work is being used to help share God’s love to others.

Who can use this?

Anyone!  The idea of DUO is for Christian’s.  Obviously it would be great for Churches to use while doing things in the community but it could also be used for Christian Charities, Christian blogs or websites.  Christian Recovery groups can use them.  Just about any Christian group or business would be able to adapt this card for their use.

How does it work?

I have uploaded them onto the web, all you have to do is decide what type of file you need.  I currently have them saved as Photoshop, Pant Shop Pro and GIMP files.  All customizable.  Download the applicable zip file, unzip it and start modifying it.  You can add background colors, designs, logos, websites, directions, whatever fits in the red box.  (Note- background should extend past the red line all the way to the end).  When you are done, delete the layer titled “Red Box” and save it in whatever format that you want.  Upload it to an online printer, print it from your own printer or take it somewhere and have it printed. (Note- DUO cards are designed for 2” X 3.5” business cards)

What is the best program to use to modify them?

Well, Photoshop is the best, but it costs a small fortune ($700.00), if you don’t already have it, you probably don’t want to spend that much cash.  Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is a good alternative and relatively cheap ($70-$80)  I used Paint Shop to design the DUO cards.  I can’t afford Photoshop!  The last one I recommend is GIMP.  This is a free program with most of Photoshop’s tools and power.  I use this one a lot as well.  The problem with GIMP is that it is not as user friendly as the other two, but, it’s free and very powerful.  Any of these programs will do what you need to do.  There are other programs but for the sake of space I only listed the ones I have used.

What if I have no idea what you just wrote?

No worries, I will be happy to design something for you.  How much?  Free.  Why?  Because I think this is something we as Christian’s are called to do.  Serve others.  One caveat, do not email me the day before you need them and ask me to create something for you.  I have a wife, three kids, two dogs a Mother-in-law and a full time job (not necessarily in order of importance).  I will need a month notice minimum, more would be better.  I will also need a copy of your logo and the info that you want on the card.  I will design it for you and send it to you saved in whatever format you desire.  I will not print it for you, wish I could, but I’m not rich.


What do they look like?

Here are the cards as they will appear when downloaded.












As I said earlier, it is saved in layers so you can adjust and change whatever you want. 

Here is an example of a card I made using my blog as the theme.  You should be able to click on them and see the full size version.

frontroam backroam

How do I download the files?

Just click below and it will take you to where they are saved online.  Once there, choose the one you want and save it to your computer.  You will need a program to unzip the file.

What if I have more questions?

Shoot me an email.


Where are the online printing companies you promised?

Right here.

I have used both of these sites in the past with good results.

OverNight Prints – Orders of 25 cards on up.  One of the few sites that let you order a small amount.  Reasonably priced from what I could find.

NETPRINT 24– Mainly for bigger orders, 1250 or more.

Never used these before, just showing you some more options.

Print Place


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  1. Brother, God is moving! Great job! I love this!

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