Other Resources

Here are some FREE resources on the web that I use to study and prepare my blog posts as well as some podcasts that I listen to regularly. Just click the pictures to get to the sites. Let me know if I left any good ones out. They must be FREE resources though. Shawn

Study Resources-

biblegateway BibleGateway has several translations of the Bible as well as a limited amount of study material. 


ccomheaderChristianity.com has a TON of study helps and info to look at. You can create a login and have you own Online Study Bible. Most excellent site.


crosswalk_logo Crosswalk.com offers similar tools to Christianity.com. I use this one a lot as well. (Warning- there are pop-ups on this site promoting different ministries)


youversionYouVersion is similar to Christianity.com only this has a ton of user generated study helps. Kind of a Wiki style online Bible Study. (NOTE- FREE download for mobile phones like iPhone, Android and other smart-phones. My wife uses this on her iPhone and loves it. Over 40 versions of the Bible in 22 languages.)


Sermons and Podcasts Downloads-

logo At LIFECHURCH.TV you can download full sermons in mp3 or video as well as through iTunes. Craig Groeschel is one of my favorite teachers. Recommended! 


marshill_logoI just started listening to the Mars Hill sermons and I have to say, I like them. Very deep understanding of the Bible and how it applies to today.


I like Luis Palau. I have only listened to a few of his teachings but I have liked them all. 



25507_logoNorth Point’s pastor is Andy Stanley, he is an excellent communicator and teacher. Podcast’s available free are only for the first week after the sermon was taught. After that they are $1 each. There is also a "Best of.." podcast that reissues older sermons for free and a free leadership podcast each week. 



logo_backgroundFocus on the Family podcast. To save just right click on the name of the podcast and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" depending on your web browser.


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