Questions?? Questions??


I thought I would create a page where people can ask questions, any question.  I don’t have the answer to questions about quantum physics and stuff like that, but I can probably answer questions on life, family, and God.  If I don’t know the answer then I will research and ask those that know more than I until I get a satisfactory answer.  A link to your answer will be posted in the comments below your question.  Or keep an eye out at the bottom right of the page.  When your question is answered a new page will appear bottom right, “Answer- Your Question Here

So- Fire Away!!


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  1. Ya, I thought of a question, if you wanna help me with some research I’ve been working on. 🙂 Its a Bible question. The Bible claims that sexual immorality is a sin (I’m not gonna try find the verse(s), I’m sure you’ve read them). So, my question is: Define sexual immorality. Not as our culture has defined it, but as the apostle Paul, writing in ancient New Testament times to whichever people/churches he was adressing his letter to meant it. Oh, and if you could be SO SWEET as to cite your sources for me, I would appreciate it IMMENSELY!! Because you know me…I need to see the historical trail to believe anything. 🙂 🙂 KUDOS Shawn!!!

  2. Cite my sources? Am I writing a school essay for you? OK, but this will be a big answer so give me a little time.

  3. LOL You know I don’t mean to officially cite them. They don’t have to be in APA or MLA format. 🙂 I’m just curious as to who and where you’re looking up this stuff. Not that your own opinions aren’t valid–they are–but I’m researching it to find PROOF, not opinions.

  4. You know I was just kidding you Em.

  5. @ Emily- Here is what I have found. Copy and paste the link or click the link at the bottom right of this page.

  6. […] Questions?? Questions?? […]

  7. I have a daughter-n-law who’s Mom not real Mom the only Mom she has ever knownthat is really been mean to her. She keeps wanting to come back to her after weeks months years of being so hateful; She wants to have a realtionship with her so bad she finally gives in only to be hurt again and again… Now I know you are suppose to forgive but should she keep putting herself through the pain??///// How should she handle this and all the grive for her will start again and again. She has always wanted a realtionship with them.. only to find herself going through so much pain the husband does not want her to open this up again because of what he know she will have to relive again and again.. She says people change but can’t count the times she has to keep telling herself. I just can’t stand to see her go through this a parent is a parent on matter what not just when it is easy for them.. Help Help.

  8. Hi Janet, I haven’t written here in a while as life has just become to busy. But I wanted to take a few and answer your question.
    First~ This is an excellent question, a hard and painful question, but a great one none-the-less. What do you do with people that just keep hurting you? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a problem with this as I really don’t like people much. I love people because Jesus told us to but it is not my personality. My Mom though, she is a different story. She is what most people call a “sucker”. She believes in people so much that she gets blinded by love. People take advantage or her time after time. The thing that bugs me is that people know she does it out of love for Jesus and they use that to their advantage.
    After being hurt over and over by the same people she has learned how to “trust but verify” people. She still gets hurt from time to time but not as much as she used to. She has also learned that some people refuse to change.
    We all want to believe we can help people but even Jesus realized that this wasn’t possible. In Mark 6:6-11 Jesus sends the 12 out but tells them that if people reject them to shrug it off and move on. While this is a little different than your situation it applies in the fact that Jesus recognized that some people refuse to change.
    Your daughter-in-law does have to forgive them but she doesn’t have to forget them. There is nothing I can find in the Bible about allowing people to continuously abuse and hurt you. I wrote a 3 part series on forgiveness. It might help to read through them.
    Here is the first one.
    Here is Part 2-
    And Part 3-
    Unfortunately your d-i-l will have to decide this for herself. You will just have to be there for her until she realizes she can’t keep doing this to herself or her folks really do change. Either way, prayer and love will have to flow from you abundantly.
    Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
    God Bless and Stay Strong,

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