Support the Troops?? Part 3

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3.   Do you mean then that you hold a gun in one hand and the bible the other? How is that different from the Bin-Laden-like terrorists who use religion to justify – like you – their ways?

I must admit, this is the one that really gave me pause.  How do I justify holding a gun and a Bible at the same time?  Here is what I do know, David, in the Old Testament, was considered a man after God’s own heart.  However he was also a mighty warrior.   In the New Testament Jesus never once spoke evil of soldiers, He even healed the servant of a soldier who had faith in Him.  Matthew 8:5-13.  There are many other references in the Bible that speak of war and fighting.  See the previously mentioned article on Christians in the Military.

I think that everyone must decide for themselves.  We are told in the Ten Commandments not to murder but God not only allowed but also commanded wars to be fought so there must be a distinction between murder and killing in battle.  Our own government recognizes the difference as well.

My opinion,  and that is what it is, an opinion, is this.  I have no problem with Christians being in the military.  It is the same for any job or circumstance of life, if you are asked to do something that you feel would be in violation of God’s law then you should refuse and accept the consequences.  Had I been asked or commanded to kill innocent civilians I would have refused.  I see great honor in serving in God’s army as well as in the armed forces of the U.S.A.

However, I realize that not all people will agree with me, and while I have no issue with that, I still believe we should support our troops and pray for them.  Jesus supported the enemies soldier when He healed his servant.  Soldiers are real people, they have Dad’s, Mom’s, siblings, souses and children.  And just like any other person they are in need of our love, the same love that Jesus demonstrated when He died on the cross for us.

Am I the same as bin Laden?  No, I have a conscience, I have morals, I would never knowingly harm innocent people.  And that is the difference.  The difference between murder and killing.  The difference between war and terrorism.  I may not always agree with who we fight, and if it came to it I would refuse if ordered to fight an unjust war, but I do believe in fighting for what matters, my family and my country.

Remember- Right or wrong, just or unjust, good or evil, our soldiers need your prayers and your unconditional love.

P.S.  Twins separated at birth or two completely opposite people?  You decide!

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